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S000292 Shin Etsu Silicone Oil Quantity: 10 can

  • Silicone Shin Etsu KF-96H-10000cs

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Silicone oil has very good thermal stability for thermal oxidation.
2. Silicone oil has very good cold resistance. Cold-resistant benzyl silicone fluid, fluidity remains good even at temperatures as low as -65 ° C.
3. The viscosity of silicone oil changes very little, in a wide range of humidity from low temperature to high temperature.
4. Silicone chemical stability is very inactive, at room temperature, the chemical properties are almost not affected in less than 10% aqueous solution of alkali and 30% of the following acid solution.
5. Silicone oil is hardly harmful to many materials represented by metal.
6. Compared with water and general synthetic oil, the surface tension of silicone oil is very small.
Performance use:
Silicone oil has excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good aging resistance, low surface tension, non-toxic and tasteless, physiological inertia, low viscosity coefficient, high compressibility, low play , Better lubricity and so on. Release Agent, Vibration Reducing Oil, Dielectric Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Diffusion Pump Oil, Defoaming Agent, Lubricant, Hydrophobing Agent, Paint Additive, Polishing Agent, Cosmetic and Daily Necessities Additive Surfactant, And   treatment agent, grease, flocculant.
Model: KF96H-10000CS
Appearance: colorless and transparent liquid
Viscosity (25 ℃ mm2 / s *): 10,000
Specific gravity (25 ℃): 0.975
Volatilization rate (150 ° C / 24 hours%): 0.5 or less
Viscosity temperature coefficient (V.T.C * 1): 0.61
Refractive index (25 ° C): 1.403
Flow point (℃): -50 the following
Flash point (℃): 315 above
Specific heat (25 ℃ cal / g? \ U8451X): 0.35
Thermal conductivity (25 ° C W / m? K): 0.16
Surface tension (25 ° C mN / m): 21.3
Expansion rate (25 ~ 150 ℃): 0.00094
1. This product is industrial products, when used in medical, food, cosmetics and other aspects and have special safety requirements, fully demonstrated compliance with various standards before use.
2. Silicone oil due to heat, light, acid, alkali and other reasons may appear qualitative change, so please seal stored in a cool place.
3. Under normal circumstances, the silicone oil contains 100 ~ 200PPM of water. Therefore, especially for electrical insulation products, pay full attention to control moisture.
4. Although the chemical properties of silicone oil is not active, when it comes into contact with a part of synthetic rubber, plastic, etc., please note that due to the plasticizer being precipitated, the volume and weight may decrease
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