Kluber Syntheso HT 220 Synthetic Gear Oil Kluber Syntheso HT 220 Synthetic Gear Oil Cam kết hàng đúng hãng
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S000349 Kluber Lubrication Quantity: 10 can

  • Kluber Syntheso HT 220 Synthetic Gear Oil

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Kluber Syntheso HT 220 Synthetic Gear Oil is used in the placement machine gearbox. The oil is a synthetic long-life high-quality gear oil that can effectively control the gearbox temperature and has a service life of 8,000~10,000 hours. It is the only designated oil for the Panasonic/Sanyo/Global Mounter gearbox.
The Syntheso HT... series is a high performance lubricant. Has the ability to reduce friction and anti-aging. It can effectively reduce the maintenance cost when the equipment is used. As a multi-purpose/multi-purpose oil, it contains special additives to ensure high pressure/extreme pressure in a wide range of temperatures and speeds. For the placement machine gearbox gear, also known as cooling oil.
Application range:
1. Suitable for all kinds of gears. Worm gears and gear motors.
2. Suitable for rolling and plain bearings.
3. Cycle lubrication and hydraulic system


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