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  • Steuler Hawoferran R16

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Hawoferran R16 is a repair mortar based on epoxy resins for use on hard rubber linings.
Hawoferran R16 is recommended for repair work on the interior hard rubber linings of tanks and ducts.
It may also be used for the permanent bonding of hard rubber parts, such as clamping strips
Its application is contingent on the individual chemical and thermal stress conditions encountered.

Hawoferran R16 is characterized by its excellent adhesive strength to various substrates such as steel and hard rubber linings,
as well as by its thermal resistance. It is characterized by a very high resistance to inorganic, non-oxidizing acids, alkalis and salts.
Physical Data
Property (unit), Test method Value
Density [g/cm³], DIN EN ISO 1183-1, ASTM D 792 1.32 ± 0.02
Tensile Strength [MPa], DIN EN ISO 527, ASTM C 307 ≥ 20
Adherence [N/mm²], DIN EN ISO 4624 ≥ 4
Temperature resistance [°C] 80
Elongation at tear [%], DIN EN ISO 527, ASTM C 307 ≥ 0.2
Shore D hardness, DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240 78 ± 5
Data are mean values
Packaging / Shelf life
All components must be stored and transported dry and frost-free. Unless otherwise specified, the minimum shelf life applies to a
storage temperature of 20 °C. Higher temperatures reduce, lower temperatures increase the shelf life. The use of refrigerated containers should be considered on a project-by-project basis, especially when components are stored at temperatures below 20 °C in
order to extend their shelf life. Keep the containers tightly closed (especially after material removal).
Components Item number Package Content Shelf life
Hawoferran-R16-A 5052001229 Drum 2.28 kg 12 Months
Hawoferran-R16-B 5052002230 Drum 1.72 kg 12 Months
Hawoferran-R16-A 5052001118 Drum 0.57 kg 12 Months
Hawoferran-R16-B 5052002119 Drum 0.43 kg 12 Months
KCH-Cleaner 1 5040016068 Drum 8.5 kg 24 Months


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