Nabakem SSR-450 Sticker Stain Remover Nabakem SSR-450 Sticker Stain Remover Cam kết hàng đúng hãng
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S000217 Anti Rust and Cleaner Quantity: 10 Bottle

  • Nabakem SSR-450 Sticker Stain Remover

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  • Product code: S000217
  • 100% Product From The Manufacturer
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Product Weight
• Adhesive stain remover
Removal of sticker stains, adhesive tape stains, bond stains, parking-violation sticker stains and trademark stains
• Cleaning and polishing home appliances
Cleaning of the surfaces of TV, computer, refrigerator and washing machine. Removal of oil dirt off microwave oven and ventilator.
• Removal of gum stains and oil dirt
Removal of gum stains, tar and pitch stains. Removal of oil dirt on tile surface.
• Removal of advertising sheet
Removal of advertising sheet stains, color sheet stains of window, and tinting stains.
Uses :
• Do not use it toward fire.
• Do not use near heater or stove.
• Do not use in the room using fire.
• Do not keep it in the place above 40℃.
• Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.
• Do not throw it away into fire.
• Punch the can to throw it away.
• Do not keep it in the closed place.
• Spraying may not work well below 5℃


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