CRC 2019 Electrial Parst Cleaner CRC 2019 Electrial Parst Cleaner
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S000188 Anti Rust and Cleaner Quantity: 80 Bottle

  • CRC 2019 Electrial Parst Cleaner

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CRC 2019 Electrial Parst Cleaner containing no Trichloroethylene is a unique, scientifically formulated cleaner/degreaser that is effective in most heavy duty applications. It dissolves grease, oil and sludge quickly for more efficient operation of mechanical equipment. CRC 2019 Electrial Parst Cleaner is flammable
Recommended for the effective removal of grease, oil, corrosion and sludge from air tools, mechanical brakes, clutches, chains, wire ropes, motors, dies, moulds, parts, bearings, generators and compressors and in heavy duty applications
Fast evaporation, minimizing downtime associated with clean-in-place cleaning methods. Residue free, preventing harmful build-up and eliminates rinsing or wiping. 360° Valve, ensuring that all usable product is expelled from the can


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